Money, Addiction, Influence, Success, and Power.

Money is my daily goal, Addiction can kill, Influence is what the word is all about, Success is where I'm heading, and Power comes as a gift.

Tonight on Twitpic 

I Live It. I Never Wanna Regret. But This Night I’ll Live It And Forget It

"I dont do cocaine i just like the way it smells" 

May 18th at 1PM / 0 notes



May 18th at 1PM / 0 notes

Recently i have been starting to think a lot about what facebook is slowly starting to become, and its not good at all, i have a feeling its slowly becoming into myspace :0 Just saying

Retro rave party 

May 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

Zombie mood turned off, taking out the roll, and heading to a party later